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Seminole County United -- Unmatched Community Support

Abraham Lincoln

In 2016 Mike was reelected without opposition for his fourth term as Supervisor of Elections.  For his successful 2016 reelection, Seminole County elected officials, the legal community, business, nonprofit and community leaders came together to support keeping Mike Ertel as Seminole County's Supervisor of Elections.  Whether through financial support or an official endorsement, the level of support for maintaining America's Finest Elections Team was unprecedented.  For those with titles listed, the endorsements or contributions represent the individual listed, and are not necessarily an endorsement from the organizations.



Elected Officials Representing Seminole County


Former Congressman and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum

Former Congresswoman Sandy Adams

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater

State Senator David Simmons

Former State Senator Gary Seigel

State Representative Jason Brodeur

State Representative Scott Plakon

State Representative Bob Cortes

Former State Representative Chris Dorworth

State Attorney Phil Archer

Sheriff Don Eslinger

Tax Collector Ray Valdes

Property Appraiser David Johnson

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller Maryanne Morse

Former Property Appraiser Bill Suber

County Commission Chair John Horan


County Commissioner Brenda Carey

County Commissioner Lee Constantine

County Commissioner Bob Dallari

County Commissioner Carlton Henley

Former County Commissioner Win Adams

Former County Commissioner Barbara Christensen

Former County Commissioner Grant Maloy


Former County Commissioner Daryl McLain

Former County Commissioner Mike McLean

Former County Commissioner Randy Morris

Former County Commissioner Fred Streetman

Former County Commissioner Sid Vihlen

School Board Chair Tina Calderone

School Board member Jeff Bauer

School Board member Karen Almond

School Board member DeDe Schaffner

School Board member Amy Lockhart

Former School Board member Barry Gainer

Seminole Soil and Water Board Chair Judith Benson

Seminole Soil and Water Board member Justin York


Former Seminole Soil and Water Board member Scott Sturgill

Altamonte Springs Mayor Pat Bates

Casselberry Mayor Charlene Glancy

Lake Mary Mayor David Mealor

Longwood Mayor Joe Durso

Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett

Winter Springs Mayor Charles Lacey

Former Lake Mary Mayor Thom Greene

Former Sanford Mayor Larry Dale

Former Sanford Mayor Linda Kuhn

Former Sanford Mayor Brady Lessard

Altamonte Springs Commissioner Gardner Hussey

Altamonte Springs Commissioner Sarah Reece

Casselberry Commissioner Anthony Aramendia

Casselberry Commissioner Colleen Hufford

Casselberry Commissioner Andrew Meadows

Casselberry Commissioner Sandi Solomon

Lake Mary Commissioner Gary Brender

Lake Mary Commissioner Jo Ann Lucarelli

Longwood Commissioner John Maingot

Longwood Commissioner Ben Paris

Longwood Mayor Brian Sackett

Longwood Commissioner Mark Weller

Oviedo Councilman Keith Britton

Oviedo Councilwoman Cindy Drago

Oviedo Councilman Steve Henken

Oviedo Councilman Stephen Schenck

Sanford Commissioner Patty Mahany

Sanford Commissioner Art Woodruff

Winter Springs Commissioner Kevin Cannon

Winter Springs Commissioner Pam Carroll

Winter Springs Commissioner Jean Hovey

Winter Springs Commissioner Cade Resnick


Seminole County Political Leadership
Seminole County Republican Party Chairman Al Schwarz

Seminole County Young Republican President Joe Trovato

Republican Women’s Club of Seminole-Federated President Ashlee Crosbie

Suburban Republican Women’s Club-Federated President Claudia Platt

Republicans in Action President Nancy Acevedo

Right Candidate President Tony Tizzo

State of Florida Grassroots Chair Ted Cruz campaign, Cindy Youell

Central Florida co-chair Marco Rubio campaign Kimberly Carroll

Central Florida co-chair Marco Rubio campaign Ben Newman

Seminole County Jeb Bush campaign co-chair Kristina Donegan

Seminole County Ted Cruz campaign co-chair Linda Trocine

Seminole County Donald Trump campaign chair L.A. Key

Former Seminole County Republican Party Chair Jim Stelling

Former Seminole County Libertarian Party Chair David Leavitt

Former Seminole County Young Republican President Matt McMillian

Former Seminole County Young Republican President Alex Setzer

Former Seminole County Young Republican President Max Stewart

Seminole County Legal, Business, Nonprofit and Community Leaders
Abigail Edelstein

Amy Pennock

Andy Searles

Angela Romagosa

Ann Barkley

Ann Lupton

Ann Marie Gilden

Attilio Di Marco

Barbara Gingold

Barbara Kramer

Barry Johnson

Beatrice Thomas

Bette Skates

Bonnie Rogers

Brian Brach

Brian Byrd

Bruce McHenry

Bryan Beyer

Carolyn Sprung

Charles Gonano

Charles "JR" Ball

Charles Hart

Christina Crowley

Christina Wilson

Christine Jurkuta

Christopher Carmody

Christopher Fojo

Claude Tucker

Craig Sonner

Dale Christensen

Dalia Cabani

Dan Shaw

Daniel Williams

Darlene Raimondi

David Blount

David Fritz

David Gierach

David Lane

David Lawrence

David Matthews

David A. Webster

Deborah La Fleur

Deborah Warner

Diane Bonheim

Dick Langlotz

Dominic Salfi

Don Harris

Donna Bundy

Donna Goerner

Dori Sigurdson

Dougald Leitch

Drew Jeter

Eddie Thomspon

Eleanor Schlaefer

Elizabeth Murphrey

Elizabeth Scruggs

Elsie Richardson

Elvis Campos

Eric Bass

Eric Wilson

Fernand Couture

Fred Droze

Frank Ioppolo

Fredrick Evans

Gail Morris

Gartrelle Wilson

George Drummond

Gerald Rutberg


Gillian Ertel

Hank Jeanneret

Harris Dvores

Harry Ellis

Herbert Weisman

Ian Gilden

Iris Hyde

J.R. Cunningham

Jacqueline Smith

James Doran

James G. Vickaryous

James M Jones

Jason Hendren

Jan Farnsworth

James Hattaway

Janice Jacoby

Jeanne Kurani

Jeff Stein

Jennifer Fergesun

Jennifer Wagner

Jesse Goerz

Joanne Canarelli

John Abbott

John Atwood

John Bartlinski

John Bowers

John Dole

John Higgins

John Hilston

John Yergler

Johnnie Richardson

Jose Garcia-Frias

Judy Putz

June Brockett

Justin Niznik

Karen Gudinas

Karen Sweat

Karl Burgunder

Kenneth Thompson

Kurt Gross

Larry Campbell

Lawrence H Adams

Lela Cordell

Lewis Smith

Lillian Casselberry

Linda Thornbrugh

Lindsay Hudock

Lisa Metcalf

Louis Joachim

Lucille Sanford

Lyn Patrick

Marc Jones

Marcia Bowers

Margie Simmons

Maria Espinosa

Mariann Lansing

Mark Buckles

Mark Nation

Mark Romagosa

Martha Hartle

Marty Chan

Mary Armstrong

Mary Bell Streetman

Mary Frey

Matthew Ballou

Matthew R Gross

Matthews R. Bark

Maureen LaRocca

Maurice Kaprow

Michael Bryant

Michael Sasso

Michael Towers

Michelle Billhartz


Michelle Ertel

Mike Schaffer

Morris Bodoia

Nancy Freeman

Ned Julian, Jr.

Nita Zelenak

Pamela Sanders

Patricia Casey

Patricia Schmidt

Paul Ackerman

Penelope Seater

Peter Hendy

Phlip Kaprow

Phyllis Reinhardt

Ravi Kallem

Rebecca Littrell

Richard Jerman

Richard McLaughlin

Richard Sloane

Richard Birdoff

Rob Thrift

Robert Hahn

Robert Hoogland

Robert Parsell

Robert Yost

Roger Rothwell

Roy Miranda

Ruth Barone

Sandra Phipps

Sarah Rumpf

Scot Warner

Sharon Stitely

Sheila Kramer

Shell Hendrix

Stephanie Vollrath

Stephen Coover

Steve Harriett

Steve Kramer

Steve Kuiper

Steve Luppert

Steve Nelson

Steven Kane

Susan Logan

Susan Meehle

Susan Sherman

Susan Sperrazza

Sylvester Chang

Tamaa Petterson

Theodore Sloan

Tina Woode

Tisa Wible

Todd Sykes

Tom Binford

Tom Freeman

Tom Martin

Tricia Madden

Victoria Cash

Viki Brennan

W. Jay Zembower

Wayne Carrig

Wendell Keith

Wendy Brandon

William Elliot

William Gibbons

William Orth

Zane Beard

These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.

"Seminole County is fortunate to have Mike Ertel who is one of Florida's most dedicated and successful community leaders as its Supervisor of Elections."   -- Congressman John Mica

Copyright 2016 © Michael Ertel. All rights reserved.  For the official website of the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections, visit www.VoteSeminole.org.

Mike Ertel

Michael Ertel has been Supervisor of Elections for Seminole County for eleven years.  In that time, the office has operated under the organization's new mission statement: Efficient Elections — Excellent Service — Fiduciary Conservatism — Voter Confidence.

Prior to becoming supervisor he was a radio personality and an award-winning writer and journalist.  Ertel spent eight years in the U.S. Army with stints as a public affairs representative during the Los Angeles riots, Macedonian, and Bosnian operations. After the Army, he was in the public affairs field, including serving as Seminole County government's first public information professional, as the director of public relations for a 185-location bank, and conducting post-disaster public relations for the State of Florida's tourism marketing agency, Visit Florida.

Mike is a highly sought expert on elections issues, speaking to state, national and international election official organizations. In 2012 he testified before a United States Senate subcommittee about Florida's elections laws and has testified before the State of Texas Legislature and the National Conference of State Legislatures on voter identification laws.

He has spoken about election law to conventions of the American Bar Association and the American Association of Political Consultants. In 2011 Ertel was a speaker at the Heritage Foundation concerning military voting rights, and was the only U.S. elections administrator at the International Electoral Affairs Symposium in London, where he facilitated the discussion on rebuilding voter trust.

In 2013, Ertel was the only American elections official to be honored at the International Electoral awards by winning an award for building voter trust.  Ertel was one of ten inaugural recipients of Campaigns and Elections magazine's Innovator Awards for his voter outreach activities. Ertel has been featured internationally on Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times, Time magazine the Daily Mail and Politico.

The 46-year-old Ertel is a homegrown elected official, attending Red Bug, Sterling Park and English Estates elementary, Tuskawilla middle, Lake Howell high and the University of Maryland University College. Ertel completed his Crummer mini-MBA at Rollins College in 2015.  He has completed the Harvard crisis communications module How to Deal with an Angry Public and the American University Election Management Institute. In an effort to detect absentee fraud, in 2011 he became Florida's first elections official to complete a course from West Virginia University on forensic document examination. 

Ertel has been awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr. award by the City of Longwood  and was honored by the Seminole County Bar Association with their inaugural Thomas Jefferson Award.  For the past three years he was voted Best Elected Official by the readers of The Sanford Herald.  In 2013, Orlando Life magazine named him the region’s best elected official.

Mike, his wife Michelle, Zane, 22 Gillian, 20, their dogs Winston, Betty and Stanley live in unincorporated Seminole County. In his spare time, Mike is an active member of the VFW, enjoys racquetball, American electoral history, the music of the Rat Pack and tinkering with his collection of antique radios.